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Wednesday, 07 March 2012 17:37

Argus Cycle Tour Carbo Load Special: no matter your goal we have the dish for you!

Blues Argus cycle tour pasta special Blues Argus cycle tour pasta special

The Argus Cycle tour is fast approaching and it’s time to add the finishing touches that are going to make the difference getting you to across finish line!

And we want to help by giving you the perfect carbo-load launch pad to have you maintaining a winning cadence for the full 110 km Cycle tour.

What we are offering is a special weekend of carbo loading, with different dishes tailored for cyclists aiming to achieve different goals. No matter what time you are aiming to achieve, whehther its sub # hous or just trying to finish, we have the perfect dish for you…

Sub 3 hours:

Clearly you know what you’re doing and this is not your first two wheeled rodeo. While rather presumptions, you will be lean in build and carry a low body fat percentage. If you fall into this category, you require a Carbo loaded build up more than any other category, as lean bodies’ burn through fuel faster than coal power plants!

Our Homemade Lasagna is just the option for you, packed with fresh pasta and béchamel sauce to offer a high calorie, high carb pre ride delight that will have you fuelled as you ride past us in Camps Bay at about 9am on Sunday Morning.

What’s more, we will be using ostrich and beef to make our bolognaise to ensure that your protein kick is nice and lean, making sure your muscles are loaded for than first climb on the Eastern Boulevard.

3-5.5 hours

You can turn the wheels, there is no doubt about that, but one or two frosty cold ones in the last months leading up to the race have probably left preparation a few ticks short of where you want it.

Alternatively, you are a budding prodigy, but being a newbie to the cycle tour, a lack of experience might cause you to miss time a few sections on the track and add a few minutes here and there to your time.

No worries, you’re doing great none the less, and a balance between protein and carbs is essential. Our Carbonara with Egg, Pancetta and parmesan is just the answer for you, adding the meaty protein kick to your energy filled pasta load up.

 5.5 and above

Firstly, wear sunblock!

You need energy, no doubt about it, but what you need too is food for those muscles that are going to want to disown you as you gingerly revolve the wheels up Suikerbossie. Our Chicken and mushroom linguine will be great, packing you with lean meat that will feed the muscles directly and have you fighting, but most importantly finishing.

If you are slightly nervous about the whole ordeal, and whether or not you are actually going to make it, then perhaps our Crayfish and Prawn Linguini is an option! You may as well go out in STYLE!

These specials will start Friday Lunch and roll on through to the eve of the big race!

We would love to have you to share in the excitement and for those not riding; we offer a great vantage point not only of the beautiful beachfront but also the final stages of the race.

To all competing, we wish you the best of luck! Race hard and have fun!

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