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BLUES Beach House

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Monday, 16 January 2012 14:50

We have fresh Tuna on the menu!

Some of the Freshest Tuna has arrived in the Beach House, and if you are a fan of this Gamey Fish... then waste no time and come share some with us!

Tuna is a bit of an anomoly in the Fish World. Highly Sought after, this prize deep sea fish has become the target of Commercial fishing vessels, adopting fishing methods that are as inhumane as any we would disregard for chicken, pork or beef. This en-masse caught product is then flash frozen at sea and and can reach your plate days or even weeks after it was hauled in with industrial grade nets.

For that reason we have scoured the local fisherman to find the best sourced Tuna in Town, and that is what we have achieved! Local Fisherman, on smaller motor boats, head out off the shores of hout bay and fish the waters about 40km off shore, where the nutrient rich waters of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans collide. They are catching Yellowfin Tuna using rod and line and return to shore the same day that they head out.

Another intriguing factor is the the manner in which they land the fish. Being ferocious fighters, Tuna can flap so severly on the Boat that it has the power to actually shred its flesh and can generate such heat that a hestimine is released into the meat that many dinners can allergically react to. Our Tuna is disabled in the water and gently put on ice (not frozen) to ensure that the fish is meticulously preserved and the final product is as tender as it is friendly to eat.


What arrived with us this morning was swimming in our local waters yesterday! There are not many restaurants in the WORLD that can tell such a glorious tale of freshness and ethical sourcing.


The Vivid Yellow fins beautifully show the Freshness of the Tuna

We will be grilling the Tuna on the open flame to get some of the Char-grilled flavour coming through, with a side of caramelised butternut, rocket and balsamic roasted tomatoes. The dish is finished with a Romesco sauce, which is a punchy napoletana sauce with the adittion of caper and olives to help it stand up to the gaminess of the tuna, and garnished with a grilled Prawn.


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