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BLUES Beach House

@foodie_za the alphabetical... 3 weeks later... Is in the glasses and looking good!

BLUES Beach House

Creating Birthday memories... And then using flaming lambos to help you forget them. Blow torch and all!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011 13:21

Blues renovations nearing completion

Our proposed date of opening has moved from September 19 to September 30th! 4 weeks have passed since we first took hammer to wall and much has been done! 

As is the case with renovations, and the way they curb even the most enthusiastic aspirations of shortening deadlines, they have extended 1 week longer than planned. Move a pipe there, plaster this, DON'T BREAK THAT.....

It all takes time...

and there is no intention to cut corners as we want nothing short of perfection in our new beginning!

So lets take you through the progress....

Blues renovation

This is where it started... day three and the name of the game was destruction! A 24 year old building destroyed in hours. It was an emotional time, but the positive vision of the future kept us grounded.

Blues ren 1

2 weeks in and the structure starts to take shape. The kitchen is where it was originally, just smaller and squarer in shape. In the pic i'm standing at what is to become the new pass.

blues ren 3

Late on week 3, and you can see the pass and bar area, both now plastered and waiting on the finishing touches. A lot of white and blue will fill the space, elaborating on our vision of being a beautiful Beach House.

blues ren 4

Today.... and the ceilings have just been installed! It really helps get a picture of the shape of the new shop. Looks like a bit of a mess infront but that's the pass- its the carpentry that is getting installed now.

That's all for now, but we will keep the progress coming until we open the doors on the new....


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